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Affiliations and Partnerships

Our executives are qualified practitioners in the areas that they are operating. Specifically, our executives are members of the following associations and professional forums:

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GRC Alliance LOGO.jpg

ACAMS - Association of Anti-Money Laundering Specialist

ACFE - Association of Certified Fraud Examiners


ACFCS - Association of Certified Financial Crimes Specialists

AMLP-FORUM - Anti-Money Laundering Professionals Forum

IAFCI – International Association of Financial Crime Investigators

PRMIA - Professional Risk Managers' International Association

OCEG - Open Compliance and Ethics Group

SCIP – Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals

ESOMAR – European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research

TI – Transparency International


GRC Alliance – The Global Regulatory Compliance Alliance

Logotypes Rights Note: Helix Dynamics Advisors Group has NO rights at all of the logotypes of the above-mentioned associations. All Rights Reserved by each of the associations.


Infointelligence network - logo.jpg

Specializing in OSINT and HUMIT !

Helix Dynamics Advisors Group is proud to be co-founding partner of the Inforintelligence Network in partnership with PSI Proactive Strategic Intelligence of accredited intelligence firms with member company all over the globe. The Infointelligence Network is an international network of specialized OSINT and HUMIT specialists with extensive experience in specific countries, sectors and intelligence areas. The Infointelligence Network provides: due diligence, background checks, assets tracing, on-site visits, investigations, adverse media, litigation support, sources enquiries, intellectual property, UBO's mapping, corporate records and market insights in more than 140 countries globally. For more information, visit the web site:

PSI Globally - Proactive Strategic Intel

Helix Dynamics Advisors Group is proud to be a partner of PSI Proactive Strategic Intelligence-PSI Globally. PSI Globally-Proactive Strategic Intelligence was established in 2002 and it is operating in the areas of strategic business intelligence, market and competitive intelligence. PSI Proactive Strategic Intelligence has 18 years of experience globally with clients and operations in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Russia, CIS, Europe, Latin and South America. PSI Proactive Strategic Intelligence provides to its clients: Market Intelligence, Corporate Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Sales Channels Intelligence, C-Suite Strategic Advisory and C-Suite Workshops & Trainings.

RANE Expert logo 2.jpg

Helix Dynamics Advisors Group is a proud expert member in compliance, business intelligence, financial crimes and corporate investigations of the Risk Assistance Network + Exchange (RANE), a global network connecting enterprises seeking risk management insights and services with thousands of leading risk experts around the globe. 

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