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GRC Alliance - The Global Regulatory Compliance Alliance

All of us we have something to contribute to fight against corruption and to reach to the highest level of Integrity and Transparency for our society and our businesses. It is important to remind our self's that accountability creates a transparent society. Accountability is the foundation of our ethical society.   ​


GRC Alliance - the Global Regulatory Compliance Alliance was established was established in November 2019 with the scope to fight against corruption at the global level, to promote integrity and transparency. The GRC Alliance intends to participate and co-organise awareness sessions in various countries at the global level.

Also, GRC Alliance intends to develop education programs about the fight against corruption, anti-money laundering, fraud and other related subjects concerning economic crimes.

Further, GRC Alliance intends to participate to international fora on economic crimes issues and develop shared strategies and take common positions as well as actions plans concerning the fight against corruption.  

Additionally, GRC Alliance intends to enter into strategic collaborations with international organisations that they working to the global fight against corruption with the scope to join forces to against financial crimes as well as to promote integrity and transparency for our society and our businesses.

Stay tune with us and soon will announce the overall strategy and our actions plan of the GRC Alliance!


The GRC Alliance web site is Currently the site is under development.


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