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CEO Message

Dear Reader,


Welcome to Helix Dynamics Advisors Group and thank you for visiting our website.


We have operated for last 16 years since our founding as a global primer advisory firm originating in Dubai, UAE and we have expanded to Europe, specifically in Germany, Greece, Cyprus and UK as well as in North America, via our operations in Canada.


We are a robust and diverse team of experience professionals with a shared purpose of creating stakeholders’ value and growth for your company. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Helix Dynamics Advisors Group.


We are ready to listen you, understand the current status and provide value added strategies and services to increase the reputation in terms of integrity, ethics and compliance and not only to comply with the international compliance laws and regulations, as well as to advise for the expansion at the global market via organic or acquisition growth business models.


With today’s dynamic and chaotic business environment with real and fake news as well as with the lack of accurate and reliable business intelligence and insights on top of the challenging political and economic conditions across the globe, our clients want to safeguard exceptional outcomes of their ventures.


At Helix Dynamics Advisors Group, we continue to possess a depth of competence and long-term experience in the range of services provided based on our clients’ business needs where our commitment is to respect, understand, advice and propose, plan, implement and deliver tangible valuable results.


We work closely with our clients and partners to deliver the best possible value for day to day operations, to increase the value of investments and to acquire new clients globally.


I am always stand next to each of our client commitments strategies and engagements. We are entirely committed to our clients’ success, by providing value added advisory services to achieve the top results to our clients. Our team with an extensive experience and success stories, continue to provide with respect exceptional advisory services to ensuring the success of our clients not temporarily but permanently by building long term strategies with our clients and partners.


We thank our reputable international and regional clients who are responsible for our success and we ensure that our services are always valuable for our current clients and potential customers. We are building strategic long-term business relationship strategies with our clients to manage to achieve substantial results for the stakeholders of our clients.


To our current clients that we are working together for many years, we honestly thank you for your continued trust to work with us and the support to our success and growth over the last 16 years that we are operating in the global market in vast number of sectors and countries.


To new customers, we welcome the opportunity to serve you with respect to your company and provide to your company top quality, on time valuable services to support you to achieve exceptional results.

We also invite you to contact us and discuss with us about us, your company, so we will understand the current status and the potential needs and define a scope of work how we can assist your company to achieve substantial results and exceptional growth at the current and new markets.


Thank you very much for your interest about Helix Dynamics Advisors.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly via email at hs (at)


Kind Regards,


Harry Stavrinides,

CEO and Managing Director,

Helix Dynamics Advisors Group

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