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Our Identity

Helix Dynamics Advisors Group is a premier international business advisory professional firm operating more than 19 years in the geographic areas of Europe, Middle East, Africa, Africa, Asia and America.

Helix Dynamics Advisors Group was founded by a team of experts with a background in financial, legal accounting, compliance and market intelligence. Their subject matter and extensive knowledge and experience included food & beverages, chemical, aviation, IT and communication, FMCG professionals with extensive, hands on, in multinational organizations and large regional corporations, mainly in the industries of Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Telecommunications, High-Technology, Mass Media & Entertainment, Aviation and Defense as well as Energy and Utilities.

Our main Services areas of Expertise:

Communication & High Technology

Healthcare &


Financial Services

Communication & High Technology

Consumer & Industrial Products

Media & Entertainment

Energy, Transportation & Defense

Government & Non-Profit Organizations

Our main Industries areas of Expertise:

Hospitality &



Agricultural & Livestock


Our Team and Subject Matter Experts


We are an independent privately held advisory firm with operations in Dubai, UAE and Cyprus, Greece, Canada, Brazil, Germany and UK.

Also, we are maintaining a number of research teams in the following countries in order to cover the geographical regions where we are operating: Angola, Egypt, Morocco, Estonia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malta, Mozambique, Nigeria, Romania, Russia Federation, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

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Helix Dynamics provides the following spectrum of Risk, Compliance and Business Intelligence services for the geographical regions of Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America and South America.

Helix Dynamics Advisors Group, maintains an international network of local multilingual researchers with extensive experience in business intelligence and regulatory compliance projects for multi-industries in the aforementioned countries.

Our clients are mainly multinational organizations, semi-governmental organizations and authorities, export insurance companies, financial institutions, as well as, aviation, construction / infrastructure contractors, pharmaceuticals and healthcare companies, FMCG producers, IT and Communication companies, professional services organizations and utility providers.

If you are interested to find more about us and our expertise in various countries please contact us or send us an email.

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