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Our Services in North America

Helix Dynamics Advisors Group has extensive experience and knowledge of the North America countries and we are  providing selected high-quality services to our clients for a number of years.


North America is a crucial market for the expansion strategies of our clients and we are focusing a lot to support our clients with reliable, accurate and on-time high quality services. Strong focus of our services are the Caribbean countries and we are supporting our clients to obtain the right and reliable services that it will assist them to take the right key strategic and tactical decisions even they want to expand or to enter into collaboration with local third party companies. Our objective is to give the best support to our clients and assist our clients to eliminate the related risks.


Helix Dynamics Advisors Group provides a range of services to our clients that they have interests in the North America countries. Our main areas of the services are the following:


  • Third Party Due Diligence

  • Sanctions & PEP's Screening

  • Business Intelligence: OSINT and HUMINT

  • Background Checks Intelligence

  • Litigation & Disputes Intelligence

  • Corporate Investigations & Public Record Search

  • Corporate Credit Rating & Screening

  • Proactive Strategic Intelligence

  • Strategic and Commercial Due Diligence

  • Intelligence of Potential Partners, Joint Ventures and Resellers

  • Intelligence on Trusts, Cartels & Anti-Competitive Behaviour

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Industry Intelligence & Market Insights

  • Market Entry Strategy

  • High Level International Development Strategies


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North America

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Trinidad & Tabago


Please feel free to contact us for more information about our services we are providing in Latin America via email or call. We are in the position to offer you customize services according to your requirements.

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