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Business Intelligence & Corporate Investigations


Business Intelligence and Corporate Investigations is the strategic research and analytics business unit of Helix Dynamics Advisors Group. Our company provides a range of Business Intelligence and Corporate Invetigation services to companies at the global level.

We offer on-going and custom-made solutions in corporate investigations, covering a large number of countries around the world and a wide range of services. We are specializing in the following:


Among our business intelligence services are the following; however, please conduct us for other business intelligence services that we are offering.

Business Intelligence: OSINT and HUMINT

Corporate Investigations

Litigation & Disputes Intelligence

Assets Tracing Intelligence

Background Checks Intelligence

Strategic and Commercial Due Diligence

On-Site Visits

Inspections Intelligence

Proactive Strategic Intelligence

Intelligence of Potential Partners, Joint Ventures and Resellers

Intelligence on Trusts, Cartels & Anti-Competitive Behaviour

Competitive Intelligence

Industry Intelligence & Market Insights

2)  CORPORATE INVESTIGATIONS: offering a full range of investigations in more than 180 plus jurisdictions at the global lebel:

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