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Strategic Advisory

Helix Dynamics Advisors Group maintains an established strategic advisory team of professionals with extensive experience in a number of industries and countries in the areas where we are operating.

Our advisory team comprises of senior consultants and subject matter experts in the following industries: food & beverages, chemical, aviation, IT and communication, FMCG, pharmaceutical and healthcare, high-technology, mass media & entertainment, aviation and defense as well as energy and utilities.

We provide a number of strategic advisory services as well as supporting our clients for strategic decisions. Our philosophy and goal is to assist our clients and potential customers proactively in order to take the right decision on time and not re-actively.

Specifically, Helix Dynamics Advisors Group provides the following strategic advisory services:

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  • Feasibility Studies

  • Business Plans

  • Market Entry Strategy

  • Strategic Development Workshops

  • Investments and De-Investment Strategies

  • High Level International Development Strategies

Geo-Politics Strategic Advisory

  • Geo-Political Risks Reviews and Monitoring

  • Country Risks Identification and Monitoring

  • Doing Business Risks Monitoring

  • Governments to Business Risks Assessments and Monitoring

  • Government Decision Making Process Analysis and Interpretation to Strategic Actions

  • Strategic Channel Management Development & Maintenance

  • Strategic Communication Strategies and Influence Tactics

It is very crucial for investors, companies as well as other international and regional organizations to evaluate the country and political risk based on accurate and reliable up to date intelligence.

We investigate strategic and tactical actions in certain countries around the globe; more specifically emerging and developing countries for the geographical regions of Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia Federation as well as Eurasia countries (CIS) where we are operating.


We provide supporting services to our clients who are interested in evaluating country and political risk as well as legal and tax assessment in certain countries, for market entry, joint ventures, acquisitions and development of infrastructure projects. We focus on macro and micro level country and political risks.

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