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Education & Training

Helix Dynamics Advisors Group maintains a team of experienced professional and subject matter experts for the services that we are providing, in addition and we providing education services for our clients and potential customers who are interested in educating and developing their employees in order to strengthen the capabilities of their internal teams as well as train in new employees.

Also, we organise specialised conferences and events related to specific topics and industries for our clients and potential customers.

We are providing a number of education services, via a variety of methods including the following:

  • In-house Seminars and Training

  • E-Learning
  • Custom Education Sessions
  • ABC Compliance Programs

  • AML / CTF Compliance Programs

  • Third Party Due Diligence Insights and Best Practices

  • Open Source Understanding and Mastering

  • Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Understanding  and Mastering

  • Market and Competitive Intelligence Understanding and Mastering



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